Superbloggaren Arrington

Hittade en intressant artikel i Wired via Det Progressiva USA (eller om jag ska vara helt korrekt så hittade jag artikeln via Beta Alfa som länkade till Det Progressiva USA). Artikeln handlar om Michael Arrington, mannen som skapade TechCrunch, och hur han genom väldigt hårt och intensivt arbete lyckats skapa ett växande företag av sitt bloggande. Fred Vogelstein skriver i Wired:

And unlike most solo bloggers, Arrington has turned his passion into a tidy business. Revenue from advertising, job listings, and sponsorships now totals about $200,000 a month. He says he could have sold the operation last fall to a media company (which he won’t name) for $8.5 million, and he may still. But with a new top-flight CEO from Fox Interactive Media, roughly $1 million in the bank, and VCs lining up around the block to invest, Arrington talks like a man who wants to build an empire. There are lots of blogs with more raw traffic ”” mostly celebrity or political sites like A Socialite’s Life and Daily Kos ”” but few with as much business influence. Based on how many times other Web sites link to his content ”” an unscientific but accepted yardstick ”” Arrington is the world’s fourth-most-powerful blogger, according to Technorati.

Siffrorna är smått imponerande. Det lär väl dröja innan någon svensk bloggare kan komma upp i dessa siffror.