Bloggetik: Hur mycket ska en bloggare avslöja?

Read/WriteWeb har ett intressant inlägg om disclosure som belyser hur komplicerat det kan bli med disclosure. Josh Catone, som skrivit inlägget, problematiserar disclosure men ger oss också några bra punkter att tänka på:

  • Financial association — I don’t mean advertising, which is obvious, but less clear affiliations such as investments, ownership, or partial-ownership. For example, WIRED should mention they own Reddit when they write about the company. (Of course, you might not always even know when you’re investing in a company.)
  • Employment — If you are paid by a company you are writing about as an employee, contractor, or consultant, you should disclose that.
  • Competition — If you are writing specifically about a direct competitor to a company you are involved with in an aforementioned manner, especially if you’re writing in a negative way, it is probably best to disclose it. For example, WIRED should disclose that they own Reddit whenever they write about Digg.
  • Personal involvement – This is by far the trickiest. As I illustrated before, personal or emotional involvement with stories can get complicated and, well, personal. I don’t think it always needs to be disclosed. For example, I don’t feel the need to disclose my political views whenever I write about politics. However, if I’m reviewing a company run by a close friend, I would disclose that fact or pass the story to a writer with less emotional involvement.

Dessa punkter tycker jag täcker in det mesta, men kanske finns det annat som man också bör tänka på?

Finnas det något bättre ord än avslöjande för disclosure? Jag tycker avslöjande leder tankarna fel, men kan inte komma på något bättre. Om det är någon som vet så får ni gärna lämna en kommentar, ja det får ni förstås göra även om ni inte vet.